Ryans Diesel SEO

The team at Gippsland Web recently completed a website build for a local Victorian based Diesel Truck and Trailer repair business, namely Ryans Diesel.

John Ryan came to us with a request to create an online presence for his growing mobile diesel repair and maintenance business.

He already had a LinkedIn presence, and gained work and credibility through that medium, but he needed to ramp up his online presence and add to his credibility.

John had become a trained and authorised installer of iMass equipment supplied by Knorr-Bremse and wished to advertise this to potential clients via a new website.

At the same time, John wanted to keep the website clean, easy to navigate and straight to the point.

The build was straightforward, consisting of images and John supplied dot points for the text information. We crafted a few pages, put it all together and it came out looking very professional.

But as with all good websites, the main issue John had identified was being found in Google Search Results. Otherwise, in the industry known as SEO, Search Engine Optimisation.

We stressed to John, the best way to show up in search results, is for Google to genuinely believe that John Ryans Diesel was a legitimate business offering exactly what it said it did … Diesel repairs and maintenance for Trucks and Trailers.

So we set John off on the mission of writing fresh content, on a regular basis, and creating a “blog” out of his articles. If you keep creating fresh, relevant content for Google, then Google will move you up the search results page, because you’re demonstrating that you’re a genuine business, you’re active, and you are an expert in your field.

So I’d suggest, as an example for your own website, go and checkout www.ryansdiesel.com.au and have a look at his blog/news page. Here’s the link direct to his news. He’s done a great job, starting small but getting more confident as he goes.

Already, Google is now showing his website based on searchs for “Ryans Diesel”, which is a great start. It proves to him that Google has now found his site and is aware of it.

If you want your website to start being shown in Google Search Results, then the best was to do that is to setup a blog/news page, and be a regular contributor of information for Google to display to their searching customers. Fresh, relevant, informative content is what we’re ALL looking for when we do a Google search.

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