New website, new pricing

Welcome to our new, refreshed version of our Gippsland Web Design website.

It’s been a while. It’s as the saying goes … a builders house is never finished, or a plumbers own pipes always leak. Same with our website. It’s the last website on the list to get an upgrade or refreshments.

So we used a lull in our workflow recently to not only freshen up the look and feel, but also the content and how we present our pricing structures.

The world of web design and having a web presence has changed. For example, a few years ago, before the prevalence of large online booking accommodation websites, such as etc, each accommodation business had to have their own web presence. Otherwise, they didn’t exist on the internet.

Thus, they had a full blown website. Home page, Accommodation page, Services, Online booking page, Contact Us, Things to do in the Area etc. A good solid job for web designers to get their teeth into. But, all thats changed. How many times when you’re looking for accommodation, do you go to the actual website of the accommodation provider … or do you just use AirBnB or to suss out, make the booking and pay the money.

So the client base is changing. Accommodation isn’t the only business that’s changed on the web. Retail has changed in the sense that you cannot just create an e-commerce website and expect to start making sales overnight. No way. It takes much SEO work and time to start ranking with the search engines. It takes a lot of social media presence to drive traffic to your e-commerce website.

In fact, it’s easier to just open your shop on social media sites. Facebook and Instagram for example. Or even Tik Tok. And the time is coming very near when Twitter (X) will be an online marketplace and currency platform.

So, for web designers, a new large market has appeared for single page websites to act purely as a “web presence”. That’s all many businesses need these days … just a presence that simply states their products or services, their contact details and links to those. Full stop.

These single page websites fulfill the needs of most tradesmen and basic service companies. Even an accommodation provider only needs a single pager, with links to the online booking platforms. Same with e-commerce … just point to the social media or ebay type platform.

That’s why we introduced the simple, basic $750 website build. For your $750 you do only get basic imagary, text content and your contact details. But heh, that suits a large market. If your page requires a bit more info, like some galleries, or dividing into specific regions, then we’ll add a few more hundred to make up for the extra labour and time.

These sites suit us, as they’re generally pretty much and in and out job. High turnover but fun to do, as each one is unique in content and images.

Checkout our web offerings here.

$750 websites

$750 Websites

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