Joomla XTC Deluxe Newspro help

If you’re a web developer or website designer, and you’ve signed up to Joomla XTC’s extension or template club, then you’ll be painfully aware of the lack of support you receive via their ticket system.

I wish they would setup a user forum, where at least we can assist each other, in real time, with minor bugs and issues in their templates and extensions.

So i’ve been using the Joomla XTC Deluxe Newspro extension, and have wasted many hours figuring out the anomolies between the actual extension and their outdated (until recently) documentation.

Article Images not showing:

This was my first issue. I was loading my article intro image and main image via the Images and Links tab in a New Joomla Article.

With the standard settings in the Template selection in the previous version of Newspro, the URL to load the images was just …articleintroimage. This did not work with Joomla 3.4.x.

So I tried a few other options, and it was obvious the module was not picking up the images, unless I had hardcoded them into the actual Article HTML as inserted images.

I then discovered for myself, after waiting several days for a reply to my ticket, that I needed to use “articleintroimageURL” . Then the images loaded fine. I believe their latest documention refers to this also.

Module disappearing:

My most recent problem, was on a website I was attempting to insert Articles on the Home Page using a JoomlaXTC Newspro Module.

I first set it up and tested it on a “localhost” machine. All worked fine, the module appeared as it should and stayed there. However, when i duplicated my exct settings on my live webserver, the Newspro Module kept disappearing. Randomly being there, then gone.

I’d test it in Chrome, Firefox and IE, and with all of them, first it would appear, and then on refresh, it would be gone.

I wasted hours refreshing, tweaking, checking the css, html and everything else. Disabled other modules and generally just frigged around and stressed about it for far too long.

Then the obvious dawned on me. I’m seeing it every time I clear the cache in the backend of Joomla. Then, when I refresh the page to see if it stays, it’s gone. Clear cache again, and it appears, refresh the page and it’s gone.

So my solution was to edit the Newspro Module and on the Advanced tab, disable cache. And it worked. I have no other solution, nor any answers as to why, but it works.

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