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Your website design is all about making you look good online.
You have about 7 seconds to impress a first time visitor to your website.
Make those 7 seconds count!

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We Collaborate

We talk, we plan, we find out what your business is about, and who your clientelle is.

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We Design

Together, we choose layouts, colors, templates and functions that'll make your website work.

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We Perfect SEO

Search Engine Optimisation will ensure your customers can find you & not your competition.

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We Support

A Local Company means Local Support. You're never alone for updates and maintenance.

What do we do, at Gippsland Web? Design websites.

Hi, this is a brief introduction to what we do at Gippsland Web.

We're a team of two, a web designer, and a software engineer. One of us creates the look and feel of your website, the other creates the intimate code required to drive your website.

My name is Shane, I'm the one you'll talk to when planning and setting up your new website. James is the coder, staying in the background, figuring out the intricies of making your site fast, secure and stable.

We build websites for businesses all over Gippsland. Bairnsdale, Lakes Entrance, Sale, Traralgon and Warragul, just to name the main regional cities. You can see our Portfolio of completed work, showing the diversity of sites we've completed.

First up, we find out how your business currently operates and what you expect your website to do for your business.

With this information, we then create the design and layout of your website, constantly collarborating with you to tweak it to perfection. After the design, we then concentrate on your keywords and phrases that are relevant to your industry. SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is taken into account right from the start. There's no use having a new website if your clients can't find you in a search.

During the entire process of creating the initial sketches, through to choosing designs and colors, getting your images and text content organised, we're in collaboration with you all the way.

In regards to your payment for our services, we generally like you to pay us a 10% upfront payment, to show your committment, then at the end of the website build process, we ask for complete payment, before your website goes live.

Webhosting is another service we offer our Gippsland clients. Our webservers are based in Sydney, Australia, with backup servers in Singapore and New York. Hosting your website in Australia, ensures speed and reliability.

If you're interested in replacing your existing website, or upgrading your old website, please contact us for a Free Quote.

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We build websites in Bairnsdale, Traralgon, Sale, Lakes Entrance and Warragul